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Pop-By Gifts are a great point of touch with your clients.
Here's what being "top-of-mind" looks like...

What are Pop-Bys?

It's an unexpected item of value given as a gift that you deliver and/or mail to past, present or potential clients letting them know you are thinking about them and appreciate their support in your business.

To stay top of mind and build strong relationships. This consistent activity provides a personal touch without breaking the bank.

Why use Pop-Bys?

Who gets Pop-Bys?

The list is endless. Primarily you would focus on past and present clients, but you can also include prospects, neighbors, partners, family, friends and more.

Their home, place of business or schedule a time to meet them in person. What a great opportunity to connect in a more personal way!

Where do you deliver/mail Pop-Bys?

When do you do Pop-Bys?

Whenever you can block out some time for relationship marketing in your calendar to grow your business.

Depends on your budget. Typically a small gift with one of our fun tags at a minimum would be a few dollars and a little more if mailing. 

How much should you spend?

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