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Treasure Your Clients with this St. Patrick's Day Pop-By Gift

Updated: Feb 25

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just about green attire and leprechauns; it's a time to feel lucky about the treasures in our lives, especially our clients. This year, why not celebrate the occasion with a treasure-themed pop-by gift? Tuck in a heartfelt tag, a lucky lotto ticket, and some treats to sweeten the deal. In this blog, I'll explore how to create a St. Patrick's Day gift that shows your clients they're worth more than a pot of gold to you.

TREASURE St. Patrick's Day Pop-By Gift
TREASURE St. Patrick's Day Pop-By Gift

Supplies Needed

St. Patrick's Day Organza Bags: 6x9 size is perfect to fit all the goodies which gives a 'Luck of the Irish' vibe. Amazon link to purchase:

Green Rock Candy Sticks: I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for rock candy. These are festively green to add a little pizazz.

Amazon link to purchase:

Hershey Nuggets: Who doesn't love Hershey? Mmmmm.

Amazon link to purchase:

Lotto Ticket: I added in a $1 scratch-off lotto ticket. I suggest you purchase whatever dollar amount you're comfortable with.

TREASURE Pop-By Gift Tag: The personalizable tag is designed for you as a Canva Template right here to purchase in the DiVita Creative online shop or Relationship Marketing Club members will find the template link in their member catalog. Here is the link to purchase the tag:

Treasure St. Patrick's Day Pop-By Gift Assembly

  1. Prepare all supplies close at hand.

  2. Place the TREASURE pop-by gift tag, lotto ticket, rock candy stick and Hershey nuggets in bag.

  3. Cinch organza bag and that's it!

Estimated Cost of this gift is approx. $3.50-4.00 each.

Quick How-To Video

As the rainbow arches this St. Patrick’s Day, may thoughtful gifts be the treasure at its end. By gifting a token sweetness, you're not only partaking in the festive spirit but also reminding your clients how lucky you are to have them. Whether they find a win with the lotto ticket or just enjoy the delightful treats, the real fortune is the valued relationship you continue to build with each pop-by surprise.

Searching for more ways to strike gold with your gifting? My RMC membership can help! Join a community that cherishes the four-leaf clover of meaningful connections and uncovers the charm of thoughtful gifting. Don't rely on the 'Luck of the Irish' to make an impact - seize the chance and become a member today!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Also, if you aren't already in my private Facebook community, please be sure to join the Relationship Marketing Club & Pop-By Gift Ideas group here!

~ Tina



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