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Sweetening Valentine's Day with a Ghirardelli Chocolate Hearts Pop-By Gift

Updated: Feb 25

Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of love, but also an opportunity to show appreciation. This year, sweeten the day for your clients with a delightful Valentine's treat box filled with Ghirardelli Chocolate Hearts. In this post, I'll walk you through creating this charming pop-by gift that echoes the sentiment: 'You and your referrals are the HEART of my business.' Perfect for spreading love and gratitude, this DIY gift is as enjoyable to assemble as it is to give.

HEART Valentine's Day Pop-By Gift
HEART Valentine's Day Pop-By Gift

Supplies Needed

Heart Treat Boxes: These adorable boxes are easy to assemble and are as cute as can be. They're just the right size with a heart closure at top that also looks like a bow. Amazon link to purchase:

Ghiradelli Chocolate Hearts: Yum! You can find these in bulk at BJ's in a multi-pack or can get them at Amazon and other stores, too. Pretty easy to find.

Amazon link to purchase:

Red Shred: You should also be able to find at the Dollar Tree or many other stores for the holiday. Amazon link to purchase:

Red Curling Ribbon: So many places will carry this, but if you wanted to get a big spool and have on hand for other holidays like 4th of July and Christmas, get one from this link below. Amazon link to purchase:

HEART Pop-By Gift Tag: The personalizable tag is designed for you as a Canva Template right here to purchase in the DiVita Creative online shop or Relationship Marketing Club members will find the template link in their member catalog. Here is the link to purchase the tag:

HEART Pop-By Gift Assembly for Valentine's Day

  1. Prepare all supplies close at hand including scissors and hole punch.

  2. Punch a hole in the upper left corner of gift tag (I use the 3.5"x2" sized tag for this one).

  3. Pre-string the red ribbon on the tag by placing a knot in corner.

  4. Assemble Valentine Treat Box so open and ready.

  5. Place a little of the red shred and 3-4 Ghiradelli Chocolate Hearts inside.

  6. Close the box.

  7. String red ribbon through a space where the hearts intersect on the top of box. Tie a knot.

  8. Curl ribbon and you're done.

Estimated Cost of this gift is approx. $4 each.

Quick How-To Video

How sweet is this?! A simple yet heartfelt Valentine’s Day pop-by gift that’s sure to bring smiles. With these Ghirardelli Chocolate Heart treat boxes, you're not just sharing sweets, but also expressing a heartfelt thank you to those who form the heart of your business. Let this small gesture be a token of your big appreciation.

Stay tuned for more creative and touching gift ideas to celebrate your clients and ask for their referrals throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Also, if you aren't already in my private Facebook community, please be sure to join the Relationship Marketing Club & Pop-By Gift Ideas group here!



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