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Simple Steps to Assemble a Heartwarming Hot Cocoa Gift for Clients

Updated: Feb 25

This blog post is coming at you just in time for National Hot Cocoa Day on January 31st! It's the perfect time to spread some cheer and warmth among your clients. In this fun-filled post, I'll walk you through the quick and easy steps to getting materials and creating a delightful hot cocoa pop-by gift, complete with my charming 'Warm Wishes' gift tag. Whether you're a cocoa connoisseur or a crafting novice, this guide will help you assemble a gift that's heartwarming and delicious. Read on to see the idea I prepared to share with you.

Warm Wishes Hot Cocoa Pop-By Gift
Warm Wishes Hot Cocoa Pop-By Gift

Supplies Needed

Hot Cocoa Packets: Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Packets are pretty easy to find at any grocery store if you are only planning on whipping up a handful of gifts but Costco and BJ's will have bulk packs if you plan to put a lot of these together. Amazon link to purchase:

Dehydrated Marshmallows: These Vanilla Dehydrated Mini Marshmallow Bits have a fresh and delicious flavor, perfect for hot cocoa. Amazon link to purchase:

Mini Food-Safe Pouches: Perfect for scooping a heaping serving of the dehydrated marshmallows. Amazon link to purchase:

Blue Organza Bags (5x7): I am obsessed with these bags for little gifts. They are pretty, sheer to see the gift and also have the drawstrings to make gifts easy to hang from a doorknob. These are a staple to have on hand in lots of colors. Blue works great for the winter gifts. Amazon link to purchase:

Curling Ribbon: Colors of light blue, teal blue or royal blue will work. I used Robin's Egg here in my sample. Amazon link to purchase:

Warm Wishes Pop-By Gift Tag: The tag is all designed for you as a Canva Template right here in the online shop to purchase or Relationship Marketing Club members will find the template link right in the member catalog. Here is the link to purchase the tag:

Hot Cocoa Pop-By Gift Assembly

  1. Prepare all supplies close at hand including a scoop for the dehydrated marshmallows.

  2. Punch hole in tag and pre-loop the ribbon onto the tag (it's a little easier to attach to the drawstring if predone).

  3. Open food safe pouch and fill comfortably below the ziploc and seal.

  4. Place two hot cocoa packets in organza bag with the dehydrated marshmallow pouch.

  5. Pull drawstring and attach the tag close to the scrunched center of the pouch. Curl the ribbon and your all done!

Estimated cost of this gift is approx. $2.50 each.

Quick How-To Video

That's a wrap on creating your delightful hot cocoa pop-by gifts! Easy to assemble and even easier to enjoy! What a charming way to celebrate National Hot Cocoa Day and show your clients some appreciation during these colder months. With your personal touch and my 'Warm Wishes' tag, these gifts are more than just a treat; they're a warm gesture that your clients are sure to remember.

Have another idea for National Hot Cocoa Day? Please feel free to share in the comments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Also, if you aren't already in my private Facebook community, please be sure to join the Relationship Marketing Club & Pop-By Gift Ideas group here!



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