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Relationship Marketing Club Membership April Design Drop is Here!

Updated: Apr 1

Hey there, fellow real estate and loan origination rockstars! Tired of blah marketing and generic client gifts? Ready to inject some personality and fun into your relationship-building this season? Get ready, because I've just dropped for April a whole new batch of Pop-By Gift Tags and a Earth Day Notecard Canva Template Links inside the Relationship Marketing Club Membership! From heartwarming to hilarious, I've got designs to help you celebrate all the upcoming holidays and milestones in your clients' lives.

COOLEST EARTH DAY (April 2024 Design Drop)

COOLEST EARTH DAY Notecard Canva Template
COOLEST EARTH DAY Notecard Canva Template

Celebrate Earth Day like a pro with this clever Notecard! It's the perfect way to show clients your eco-conscious side. Pair it with plantable seed paper shaped like our planet for a small but impactful Pop-By gift. After planting the paper, it blooms into wildflowers - reminding your clients how much you care about them AND our Earth.

MAY THE 4TH (April 2024 Design Drop)

MAY THE 4TH Pop-By Gift Tag Canva Template
MAY THE 4TH Pop-By Gift Tag

Channel the Force to supercharge your referrals with this epic Star Wars Day Pop-By Gift Tag. Get creative with goodies – Yoda-shaped sugar cookies, Space Dunk Oreos (these are limited edition, but hopefully you can still find some), or a gift card for a "Galactic" Coffee would be a hit! Let your clients know the Force is strong with them AND with their network of potential homebuyers and sellers.

FIESTA (April 2024 Design Drop)

FIESTA Pop-By Gift Tag Canva Template
FIESTA Pop-By Gift Tag Canva Template

Olé! Spice up your client relationships with this festive Cinco de Mayo Pop-By Gift Tag. Gift mini bottles of hot sauce, colorful margarita glasses (even plastic ones for safety!), or even a cute cactus-themed candle... perfect for adding a little "fiesta flair" to someone's home... and their thoughts of you!

MOM SUPERHERO (April 2024 Design Drop)

MOM SUPERHERO Pop-By Gift Tag Canva Template
MOM SUPERHERO Pop-By Gift Tag Canva Template

Salute the superhero moms in your world! This Pop-By Gift Tag is a sweet way to celebrate Mother's Day. Pair it with a pampering gift basket, flowers, or a gift certificate for a much-deserved break. Remind those awesome moms that they're your heroes, and you're forever grateful for their support.

HONOR MEMORIAL DAY (April 2024 Design Drop)

HONOR MEMORIAL DAY Pop-By Gift Tag Canva Template
HONOR MEMORIAL DAY Pop-By Gift Tag Canva Template

Pay tribute to those who served on Memorial Day with this heartfelt Pop-By Gift Tag. A small American flag, a red, white, and blue-themed treat, or even a donation to a veterans' charity in their name shows respect while reminding them you're the agent they can trust.

So, what are you waiting for? Want these awesome designs from the April Design Drop (and all the other goodies inside)? Join the Relationship Marketing Club Membership today and elevate your client appreciation game! With new designs released every month and resources to get those referrals rolling in, at only $9/month - it's the most affordable way to make a lasting impression. Remember, your clients won't forget the agent who went the extra mile with a smile.

Here's the link to join: Let's make this your most referral-rich season yet!

Tina DiVita, Graphic Designer/Relationship Marketing Advocate

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