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Revolutionize Client Relationships with Pop-By Gift Tags!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

We all work hard to give our clients amazing experiences and products. But here's the challenge: how do you keep them excited, loyal, and coming back for more?

Don't worry! We've got a fantastic solution – Pop-By Gift Tags! Get ready to transform your client connections, one special tag at a time.

In the business world, whether you're a Real Estate Agent, a Mortgage Lender or a Service Professional/Small Business Owner, there's one thing everyone agrees on: keeping a strong client base can be a real challenge!

But guess what? We've got a quirky, creative, and charming solution that's about to rock your world – DiVita Creative Pop-By Gift Tags! These little gems aren't just ordinary tags; they're your secret weapon for keeping clients happy and engaged.

Using Pop-By Gifts in your Relationship Marketing strategy is like giving your clients a warm hug with an intentional gift at any price point. And our tags aren't just pieces of paper; they're like magic keys that unlock stronger relationships, boost your professional image, and make sure your brand is always on their minds. Let's explore the wonders they bring!

Boost Your Sales and Revenue

Let's talk numbers – your business's Grand Canyon numbers. With Pop-By Gifts leading the way, you can turn potential clients into loyal fans.

Using the Customer Lifetime Value Calculator (CLTV) on UpGrowth, we did a sample calculation for a Real Estate Agent below:

Just say you sell homes at an average sale price of $200K with a 3% commission of $6K and a final commission of $4.2k after broker split. You intend on selling real estate over the course of 30 years and have an established client list. In addition, your marketing costs are around $25K a year.

Based on the above scenario, your lifetime value of a client calculates to nearly $126K. With a client list of 200, that is just over $25m over your 30 year career.

Now, we aren't math wizards, BUT WOW! That's the power of building your client relationships and consistently asking for referrals.

Build Strong Client Relationships

Personalized tags attached to thoughtful gifts show your clients that you care about them as unique individuals, not just as numbers on a spreadsheet.

In a world filled with businesses, building trust and loyalty is like finding a unicorn – rare and special. Thanks to Pop-By Tags, you've got a ticket to creating connections that stand the test of time. When clients feel valued, they'll stick around for the long haul.

Happy Fall Pop-By Gift Tag

Stay Unforgettable

We all know the saying "out of sight, out of mind." Well, Pop-By Gifts turn that saying on its head. By consistently showing up with thoughtful gifts and tags, you're making sure your name stays firmly in the minds of clients, partners, and anyone lucky enough to cross paths with your brand.

Everyone loves feeling remembered, and that's where Pop-By Gifts shine. Your follow-up game goes from zero to hero. Whether it's a tag for a special occasion or a surprise "just because," your clients will love the effort you put into making them smile.

And here's a tip: be creative! Try different themes, match gifts to your client's interests, or even add in QR codes for exclusive offers/discounts. The possibilities are endless!

So there you have it – the magic of Pop-By Gifts! From boosting sales and creating lasting client bonds to enhancing your professional reputation and staying unforgettable. It's time to sprinkle a little "tag" magic into your business and watch the wonder unfold.

We nearly 100 Pop-By Gift Tags in the store with more being added monthly. All are sold individually or in themed bundles like the Fall season ones below. CLICK HERE to head to the shop or just click the products below:

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