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Leap Year Cheer with this Quick Pop-By Gift

Updated: Feb 25

Every four years, the calendar throws us a bonus day – a chance to leap ahead with an extra 24 hours of opportunity. Why not use this day to spring into action with a pop-by gift that's as whimsical as the day itself? With my playful 'LEAP DAY' tag in hand, you're ready to hop to it and create a quick, low-cost pop-by gift that will be sure to bring some smiles.

LEAP DAY Pop-By Gift
LEAP DAY Pop-By Gift

Supplies Needed

Haribo Frogs: These are available on Amazon, but more expensive. I suggest going to your local Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Walmart. Amazon link to purchase:

Citrus Green Curling Ribbon: This bright green is so FUN!

Amazon link to purchase:

LEAP DAY Pop-By Gift Tag: The personalizable tag is designed for you as a Canva Template right here to purchase in the DiVita Creative online shop or Relationship Marketing Club members will find the template link in their member catalog. Here is the link to purchase the tag:

LEAP DAY Pop-By Gift Assembly

  1. Prepare all supplies close at hand including scissors and hole punch.

  2. Cut curling ribbon at around 20".

  3. Fold your cut section of curling ribbon evenly in half and make a loop leaving about a 3-4" round of space. Pinch that spot and tie a knot to create a door hanger loop.

  4. Feed the door hanger loop through the packaging hole and tie a knot leaving the loop exposed at the top of the package.

  5. Punch a hole in the LEAP DAY pop-by gift tag and tie onto package.

  6. Curl ribbon and that's it! A quick, fun and easy pop-by gift!

Estimated Cost of this gift is $2.00-2.50 each.

Quick How-To Video

Harness the spirit of LEAP DAY to kick-start your creativity and client appreciation efforts. If you're on the hunt for a wider array of unique ways to express your gratitude, regardless of the occasion, look no further than the Relationship Marketing Club membership. When you jump into my community, you'll discover the perfect blend of marketing ideas and strategies to elevate your client relations.

Questions? Shoot me an email at And don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of an exclusive circle—join our private Facebook group, the Relationship Marketing Club & Pop-By Gift Ideas, for more engaging exchange and insights!

~ Tina



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