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Give Crystal Clear Appreciation with this Windshield Washer Fluid Pop-By Gift

Updated: Feb 25

As the seasons change and the road ahead gets a bit more challenging, what better way to show your clients you care than with a practical and thoughtful gesture? Enter the Windshield Washer Fluid Pop-By Gift – a clear symbol of your consideration for their well-being on the road. In this blog, I'll guide you through creating this useful pop-by gift featuring windshield washer fluid paired with our custom 'CLEAR INSIGHT' gift tag. Not only is this gift practical for any car owner, but it also carries a message of clarity and foresight, reflecting the vision you bring to your services.

CLEAR INSIGHT Windshield Washer Fluid Pop-By Gift
CLEAR INSIGHT Windshield Washer Fluid Pop-By Gift

Supplies Needed

Windshield Washer Fluid: When it comes to finding windshield washer fluid for your pop-by gifts, there are numerous options to consider. In 2024, the average price I've encountered ranges from $3.50 to $4 per jug. A great find was at Tractor Supply, where I stumbled upon a deal of 2 for $5. Though I'm not certain if this was a special in-store promotion or just a lucky day, it's worth checking out. Additionally, bulk stores like BJ's and Costco are offering RainX brand fluids in 2-packs, falling within the same average price range. Keep an eye out for these deals to make your pop-by gifts both thoughtful and economical.

Curling Ribbon: Colors of blue or purple would work. I used royal blue. Amazon link to purchase:

CLEAR INSIGHT Pop-By Gift Tag: The personalizable tag is designed for you as a Canva Template right here to purchase in the DiVita Creative online shop or Relationship Marketing Club members will find the template link in their member catalog. Here is the link to purchase the tag:

CLEAR INSIGHT Pop-By Gift Assembly

  1. Prepare all supplies close at hand including scissors and hole punch.

  2. Punch hole in upper left corner of tag and tie onto jug with curling ribbon.

  3. Curl ribbon and your gift is ready!

Estimated Cost of this gift is approx. $4 each.

Quick How-To Video

It's a straightforward yet thoughtful pop-by gift that’s sure to make a clear impression. As you hand these out, enjoy the smiles and appreciation that come from such a practical and thoughtful gift. Don't be surprised if you receive a thankful text from a client who just ran out of windshield washer fluid and hadn’t gotten around to buying more. Keep an eye out for more creative and meaningful gift ideas to connect with your clients in all seasons.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Also, if you aren't already in my private Facebook community, please be sure to join the Relationship Marketing Club & Pop-By Gift Ideas group here!



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