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Chill for a Cause: How Wendy's Frosty Key Tag Makes a Difference

Discover a delightful and meaningful way to treat yourself and your clients – the Wendy's Frosty Key Tag. This little tag isn't just about enjoying a delicious treat; it's a symbol of support for a heartfelt cause.

Wendy's 2024 Frosty Key Tag
Wendy's 2024 Frosty Key Tag

The Frosty Key Tag Explained

The Frosty Key Tag offers a year-long treat of free Jr. Frosties with each purchase at Wendy's. But, it's more than just a key to sweet indulgence.

Supporting Adoption with Every Purchase

The true value of these tags lies in their support for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. At least 90% of the proceeds go towards helping children in foster care find permanent homes.

A Thoughtful Gift for Clients

To make this initiative even more special, consider using my FROSTY personalizable pop-by gift tag, perfect for these Frosty Key Tags. They are ideal for an impromptu client visit or can be easily mailed. This thoughtful gesture will not only your clients, but also contributes to a noble cause.

Impact and Availability

Your purchase aids the foundation's mission in providing loving homes for children. The Wendy's Frosty key tags are available until mid-February and while supplies last, at Wendy's or online.

Don't let this COOL opportunity MELT away! Spread a little FROSTY cheer, and help make a sweet difference in a child's life! Grab yours today!

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