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Black Friday Encore ~ Sweet Deal and Sweeter Reward!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023


The Black Friday buzz is here at the Relationship Marketing Club by DiVita Creative, and it's bigger and sweeter than before! If you thought my recent launch was amazing, wait till you see what Ive cooked up for Black Friday.

🌟 Black Friday Encore: What's the Deal?

I'm bringing back the excitement with an encore to my recent Relationship Marketing Club Membership launch. For Black Friday, dive into a delectable deal:

  • 25% Off Memberships: Yes, you heard that right! I'm slashing prices on my Annual and Lifetime Membership tiers.

  • Sale Duration: The sweetness lasts from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Mark your calendars!

🌈 Why Join the Relationship Marketing Club?

The club isn’t just another membership program. It’s a creative hub for service professionals like you to enhance client relationships and stand out in your industry. What do you get?

  • Innovative Marketing Tools: Say goodbye to bland strategies and hello to creativity!

  • Stronger Client Bonds: I'm all about deepening those crucial connections.

  • Fun and Personalization: Who says business can't be fun? Add a unique flair to everything you do.

🍫 The Hershey Bonus: A Seasonal Sweetener

A Hershey for All Seasons: Wrapper Template Bundle
Black Friday Bonus: A Hershey for All Seasons: Wrapper Template Bundle

And now, for the cherry on top! Every membership purchase during my Black Friday sale includes an exclusive bonus: "A Hershey for All Seasons: Wrapper Canva Template Bundle".

What’s in the Bundle?

  • Personalizable Templates: Get creative with Canva templates designed for every season and major holiday.

  • Spread the Joy: Perfect for client gifts, these wrappers are sure to bring smiles and sweeten your professional relationships.

🌟 Join the Fun

Are you ready to sprinkle some extra sweetness into your professional life?

This Black Friday, skip the usual chaos and indulge in a deal that boosts your business and delights your clients. Don't miss out on my exclusive Black Friday offer!

Join the Relationship Marketing Club this Black Friday and unwrap the meaningful potential of every client interaction. Let's make the rest of this year, and the next, truly remarkable!

~ Tina

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